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What we do

Lives, Businesses and properties are constantly exposed to the threats of electrical power hazards. This results into the loss of thousands of lives and billions of dollars’ worth of properties every year! 

But you don’t have to be a victim!


Energy Cost Reduction

Minimizing your electrical energy cost is a sure way to improve profitability and business competitiveness; Minimizing your electrical load will also reduce your consumption of fossil fuels such as diesel and natural gas…

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Electrical Power Training

Correct information is the key to correct decisions and good results. Even well informed persons still need to update and refresh their knowledge. The cost of ignorance on electrical power matters could be fatal and devastating…

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Customized Services

You can also get ANY of these services, as a stand-alone offer: Electrical power system inspections, tests, audits and validation; Rehabilitation and upgrading of electrical power systems to secure lives and properties…

Comprehensive Service Programs

With a holistic approach to electrical power system protection, we offer Comprehensive 6-Months Electrical Power System Protection Programs; in 3-different packages .i.e. Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. We will sniff out the electrical power threats and lapses in your installation; give you cost- effective solutions to bring your power systems to the required standards. This will ensure reliability and efficiency of your electrical power system; and the security of lives and properties.

Customers feedback

All-In-One Engineering Ltd. can be trusted to do good quality and professional jobs in Electrical installation projects, building of power switchboards and control panels etc. I am quite impressed with their jobs and will gladly recommend them to other clients.
Chigozie Eze
Electrical Engineer & Facilities Manager.
We are quite happy and satisfied with the Electrical power system inspection, tests and validation jobs; Electrical installation, renovation and retrofitting jobs etc, that they have done for our factory and properties. We are impressed by their attention to details.
Gideon Anya
Plant Engineer at Evans Industries Limited

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